About us

About us

Localising Aid. Getting rid of Red Tape.

RealtimeAid’s MISSION is to localise aid. Ensuring decision-making sits where the need is. We do this though decentralised decision making and a network model of aid combining processes with tech tools to simplify the entire process including: design, allocation of funds, due diligence and grievance, safeguarding, financial management, transparency, monitoring and evaluation and learning.

To Note: RealtimeAid evolved out of Capoeira4Refugees (C4R) UK which has been running sports projects in Syria (Refugee Camps, Prisons, Woman Shelters, Street Children etc.) and the wider Middle East for over a decade.


‘Charity of the Year 2018’ by Charity Times, UK.

'The Inspired Leadership Award 2018' by The Performance Theatre bringing together global C-level business leaders to recognise emerging leaders that ‘reinvent growth’ and drive positive change on a global scale.

BMW Foundation Award for Responsible Leaders 2015 in recognition of his personal commitment and the positive social impact of his initiative.

Anna Lindh Euro-Med Dialogue Award in 2015 for Sport for Conflict Resolution.

Through UK’s introduced sanctions list that came into effect on 1 January 2021 hundreds of Charities including us were prevented to work in ‘high risk areas’ like Syria. C4R faced a bank closure and It was impossible to find a new bank during Covid. Additionally, the Charity had to deal with Brexit so combining all those the leadership team decided to open a RealtimeAid in Germany to be able to continuing the support to the projects.

RealtimeAid (gUG)

RealtimeAid is a non-profit enterprise company (limited liability).

Reg No.: UG_HRB_223986; Registration Date: 20.10.2020

Address: RealtimeAid (co) Pele Mêle, Innstr. 26, 12043 Berlin

D-U-N-S 343446003 \ TaxID /StN: 27 612 07894

RealtimeAid makes it possible to remote manage projects in areas of crises whilst ensuring a true partnership structure between donors and those who need support. RealtimeAid’s technology partner is www.frontlineaid.org