Mission, Vision, Values

Mission, Vision, Values

🧭 Mission

Localise the development industry and get rid of the middlemen

In the current aid system it is easier to give 100 million dollars to one large international organisation than 10,000 dollars each to 10,000 smaller local initiatives which keep struggling – day-to-to day – to survive. ReatimeAid is changing this.

As long as less than 2% of all international aid money makes it to local people and local organisation we will continue to see desperately needed money disappearing into red tape.

🔭 Vision

Our vision is to put local people in the driving seat

We want to see red-tape cut away, using state-of-the-art technology, which allows for a powerful alliance of committed grassroots initiatives to get on with solving their communities’ problems.

⚖️ Values

To be transparent, accountable and ethical and loud at all times

We discovered when we first started our grassroots sports charity in Syria we could not hold our international donors to account, there was little transparency over what took place during a project, with knowledge management and information sharing siloed and difficult to get a hold of, and when things went wrong, systematically international expatriates were willing to behave in morally questionable and unethical ways. Our Values -transparency, accountability, ethical - remind us why we entered the helping space in the first instance, and continue to guide all our decision-making as an organisation.

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