Khwtwa Association
Khwtwa Association

Khwtwa Association

About Us:

Khutwa is a local, independent association established in Raqqa in 2018.

The organisation was established by a group of young men and women believing that young people could change the reality of their societies and advocate for better rights and freedoms.

Still recovering from years of extremism and destruction, most of the city is deprived of primary education and cultural and recreational centres. With this, Khutwa aims to address the weakness of children's educational and artistic processes and work with children to develop and discover their talents (drawing, reading - mental calculation - games of intelligence).

Additionally, Khutwa provides psychological support for children by establishing activities and recreational and awareness activities and follow-up sessions with a psychologist. It is considered an integrated centre that works to enhance the psychological level of children and develop their mental abilities by supporting their talents and following them.

About The Project:

The years of war and extremism in Raqqa have led to the destruction of 90% of the city's infrastructure, impacting nearly 300,000 people, 30% of whom are children.

With schools and recreational centres destroyed, many children have gone without education and safe spaces.

The 'Massarat' project is a cultural development project for children working to discover and develop their talents in (drawing- reading - mental calculation - IQ development games). In addition, the children will receive psychological support through sessions with a psychologist and psychological recreational and awareness activities.