Risk and Safeguarding Services

Risk and Safeguarding Services

The project activities are located in Raqqa City, Syria.

As part of our commitment to donors, partners and beneficiaries RealtimeAid requires the services of a consultant or team of consultants to complete the implementation of a Risk and Safeguarding System, prepare the necessary compliance and reporting documents, conduct a lesson learned exercise, and to create a training module to train RealtImeAid staff on the future application of a Risk and Safeguarding System.

This is an urgent procurement and the selected vendor is expected to start within two weeks of contract signature.

  1. Period of Contract: 1 December 2021 to 31 December 2021
  2. Deadline for Submission: December 10, before 2300hrs Berlin
  3. Tasks and Deliverables

Task 1:

Assessing and supporting 2 new Changemakers to develop two ESMP that identifies risks, mitigation measures, and monitoring requirements.

The consultant is expected to support the RealtimeAid Team and Changemaker to create an Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP) using an existing template that meets donor and best practice standards.  The Changemaker has already completed a Risk and Safeguarding Policy Quiz.

To support learning and knowledge creation, the consultant is expected to (a) review the Risk & Safeguarding Process as written down and as implemented to (b) identify lessons learned and revisions to improve the Risk & Safeguarding Process.

The consultants will support the RealtimeAid Team who will support and consult with the Changemakers.


  • 2 completed ESMP Tables that have been finalised in consultation with the RealtimeAid Team and Changemakers.
  • Lessons learned and action points for future revisions of the Risk and Safeguarding Process


  • 4 days

Task 2:

Support the RealtimeAid Team with the ongoing monitoring of 2 new and 8 ongoing Initiatives to verify that ESMP measures are being implemented.

The consultant is expected to support the RealtimeAid Team to establish a system to monitor the implementation of ESMPs within existing RealtimeAid M&E tools and process.  The consultants will receive the monitoring reports from the RealtimeAid M&E Team and support with analysis on compliance with the ESMP.

The consultants are expected to support RealtimeAid Team and Changemakers with Risk and Safeguarding and compliance elements relating to regular monitoring reporting, donor monthly reporting (2), and to produce a Final Report that includes all required risk and safeguarding elements.


  • Updated RealtimeAid M&E tools and process for 8 Changemakers (6 existing and 2 new) that incorporate ESMP monitoring requirements (from ESMP & Output table)
  • Two monthly reports submitted end of month detailing what ongoing technical support was provided desegregated by each consultant team member
  • Technical Inputs for 2 monthly donor reports and 1 final donor report.


  • 25 days

Task 3:

Develop a Risk and Safeguarding Guidelines and Training of Trainers (Risk and Safeguarding ToT) for RealtimeAid to support new Changemakers to implement the Risk and Safeguarding Process.


  • The Risk and Safeguarding Guidelines consisting of a simple manual describing steps, requirements for each step, expected results from each step, presentation of tools, and roles and responsibilities. The manual should be accompanied by an explanatory video. The materials should be drafted in English.
  • The Risk and Safeguarding Training of Trainers (Risk and Safeguarding ToT) is intended to provide RealtimeAid staff with the knowledge to support Changemakers to implement a Risk and Safeguarding process with new Changemakers.


  • 10 days

Expected Consultant Team

  • Risk and Safeguarding Team Lead, with 10 years of experience with Risk and Safeguarding and at least 4 years with Projects in Syria.
  • Risk and Safeguarding Tool and Guideline Development Expert, 5 years of experience with Risk and Safeguarding and at least 2 years with Projects in Syria.
  • Risk and Safeguarding Monitoring Expert, 5 years of experience with Projects in Syria; Fluent Arabic Speaking
  • Risk and Safeguarding Reporting Expert, 5 years of experience with Projects in Syria; Fluent Arabic Speaking

Required Submission Documents

  • (1) Statement of Experience - including Project Name, location, details of Project, Client, and value
  • (2) Workplan
  • (3) Consultant CVs
  • (4) Financial Offer (following format below)

Template for Financial Offer

Years of Relevant Experience in Syria
Daily Rate (EUR)
Expected Days
Total Cost (EUR)
Risk and Safeguarding Team Lead
Risk and Safeguarding Tool and Guideline Development Expert
Risk and Safeguarding Monitoring Expert
Risk and Safeguarding Reporting Expert

Scoring Criteria

Submissions will be scored using the following table:

Name of Submission
Team Qualifications:  How experienced is the Team in Syria on similar tasks (30%)
Company Experience: What experience does the Company have with similar Risk and Safeguarding Projects (20%)
Workplan:   Does the workplan demonstrate how the deliverables will be completed in the time available? (20%)
Financial Offer: How does the total budget compare with other submissions? (20%)
Total Score

How to Apply

To Apply: Please apply by sending the required documents to hello@rtaid.org We will only contact short-listed candidates with a subject email “Applying for Risk and Safeguarding Services”. Please apply by the 10th of December until 5 PM Berlin Time. (GMT+2).

  • Applications that do not follow this procedure will not be considered.