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Title: Online Monitoring tools Streamlining _ApplicationsService package of outputs on streamlining reporting/engagement tools RealtimeAid

Overview: RealtimeAid is a non-profit enterprise company (limited liability) to help fund and strengthen projects on the ground. We are here to give needs-based support to grassroots initiatives across a wide range of topics including finance, project management, data collection, reporting, safeguarding, and decision making. We seek support to provide infrastructure functionalities that allows our stakeholders to enter and maintain program/project information(see below) in a structured way. We have created a pipeline for local initiatives to build their project ideas into a program that can be managed by the traditional humanitarian aid conventions, and now we would like to provide the technical infrastructure that comes with it.

RealtimeAid leadership team is diverse, consisting of Arabic speakers, women, as well representative of different ethnic groups, and technical skill sets. The services of the organization is one grown out of grassroots and community work, with a focus on getting rid of the paperwork for micro-organisations who are often the immediate responders to local crises.RTAid works with refugee communities and particularly traumatized children and youth using arts, sports, informal education and creates safe spaces where there are none. RealtimeAid's mission is to localize aid. Ensuring decision- making sits where the need is. RealtimeAid makes it possible to manage remote projects in areas of crises whilst ensuring a true partnership structure.

Contract start: October 2022Period/Rate: ASAP Service Provision contract, discounted rate for charitable purpose based on deliverables.€59,100 (incl. VAT) in total.

Location: Remote

Responsible to Senior Management

Role Overview:RealtimeAid is contracting an IT service provider that is able to provide the information backbone and tools (and individual program components such as Monitoring, Evaluation, Risk Assessment, Financial reporting, Donor requirements, Project Management, Participatory decision making, etc.) that reflect our processes for our team and partners to use. The emphasis is on using simple and client oriented tools that simplify the operations of core business / grant processes. In almost all cases, the tools and services must be usable by community members with no IT skills, limited connectivity, and must be usable in Arabic and English. You will audit current processes and facilitate strategic meetings with senior management and field team (in Arabic) to understand needs and capacities (ar/eng.

This role is an opportunity to exercise independent thinking and creative design solutions in order to ensure reporting and engagement tools with local communities are best fit for localized and participatory lead processes.RTAID operates a network model of aid and the service will ensure that the package of tools works within this framework as well as the 8+3 model of reporting and localization of aid as per the Grand Bargain 2016.


(1) Project Management- Extracting template for onboarding- Deploy on an online community accessible platform that meets process and user requirements- Providing compliance mechanism to verify data and documentation

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  • Full analyzes and creating a workflow for a local decision making mechanism
    • Advising on Platform to be used to run the community voting
    • Creating videos, tutorials and supporting documentation
    • Compiling votes into reflecting the community results

(2) Financial Reporting- facilitates automatic recording of expenses from receipts, simplifies expense reporting, streamlines the approval process, and provides control over business expenditures

(3) Risk and Safeguards and Due Diligence and Community Grievances- Develop Community Grievance Form- Deploy on an online community accessible platform that meets process and user requirements- Implement alert mechanism for new grievance submissions- Deliver Grievance report to RealtimeAid

  • Develop Risk and Safeguarding Template
    • Deploy on an online community accessible platform that meets process and user requirements
    • Providing the framework to run risk assessments
    • Providing the access to online documentation

(4) Monitoring and Evaluation and Reporting- Extracting template for M&E reporting- Deploy on an online community accessible platform that meets process and user requirements- Providing the framework to run Lab, Fieldteam M&E reporting- Providing compliance mechanism to verify data and documentation

Deliverables:➔ Deliverable 1: Online - front facing overview to provide information (input data from the field on

Changemakers and Initiatives.◆ Create template that field teams can use to enter and update sub-grant profile data◆ An online overview that meets user and client requirements for branding, usability, and is multi-lingual and can accommodate different media formats and sources.

➔ Deliverable 2: Online M&E System that allows for entry of M&E Data from sub-grantees, field teams and community decision makers

◆ Create templates for RTAID to provide content for M&E System (Milestones, Indicators, achievements against those, Financial Data)

◆ Create Data Entry Forms for users to provide data◆ Link M&E Data to an overview

➔ Deliverable 3: Online Risk and Safeguarding Policy Quiz that allows Changemakers to complete a RiskQuestionnaire and to export results into existing Project Risk & Safeguarding Tools

◆ Create a pathway to receive queries from community members using a simplified and easy to use data entry interface

◆ Establish a tracking tool for RealtimeAid staff to use to track queries and responses◆ Create an easy to use and online data entry form for Changemakers and partners that feeds into Risk and Safeguarding output tables.

➔ Deliverable 4: Implementing and documenting a Community Decision Making process catered towards local initiatives needs which include:

◆ Community Voting where individuals could vote on predefined projects (and that these projects could be defined there by individuals)

◆ Analysis

Minimum requirements:➔ Team must have at least 10 years of relevant experience.

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➔ Experience in Syria or Middle East or conflict / high risk contexts is a must.➔ Bids will be evaluated on the basis of financial offer (33%), technical team qualifications (33%), and technical suitability of the methodology (33%)

To Apply Please apply to

● Statement of experience from the company. List of recent related projects. ● Clearly defined methodology statement indicating how the deliverables will be met (2 pages max) .● a current CV of no more than 2 pages ● a cover letter and price offer of no more than one page

Job Type: Contract


  • Self-determined schedule


  • Bachelor's (Preferred)

Work Location: Remote

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