Changemakers Network

Changemakers Network



This EXPRESSION OF INTEREST is open thought out the year and your first step to join the Network.  All applicants that run social projects are welcome to join the Network. 

 Objective: Build a Network of social initiatives

ChangemakersApplicants will be able to:

  • Apply to join the RealtimeAid (RTAID) network¬†and¬†become a Changemakers¬†through a screening/eligibility process
  • Build a basic online Changemakers profile¬†on RTAid WebApp.
  • Complete a capacity assessment¬†to identify key needs to access capacity building support.

RTAid will be able to:

  • Screen applicants¬†interested in joining the RTAid network and becoming a RTAID Changemakers (meet basic eligibility)
  • Activate the RTAid WebApp¬†and Establish a Web Profile for the Changemakers
  • Establish a network¬†of RTAid Changemakers to support with funding/training/capacity building (not project specific)
  • Build a data profile¬†of RTAid Changemakers

ūüĒ≠ STEP 2


We want to see red-tape cut away, using state-of-the-art technology, which allows for a powerful alliance of committed grassroots initiatives to get on with solving their communities’ problems.

Objective: RTAid Changemakers will be able to access Support/Funding Opportunities

You will be invited to Step 2 once Step 1 is complete

Applicants will be able to:

  • Apply for specific funding/support¬†opportunities for projects.
  • Access support¬†to apply for specific funding/support opportunities for projects
  • Build full online Changemakers profile with a project-specific proposal¬†on RTAid WebApp

RTAid will be able to:

  • Screen RTAID Changemakers projects for eligibility¬†for specific support/funding opportunities.
  • Provide support to RTAid Changemakers¬†to refine project idea/proposal for funding/support.
  • Ensure RTAID Changemakers projects meet eligibility¬†(meet eligibility to sign a RTAid contract)
  • Recommend/Propose RTAid Changemakers¬†to specific donors/supporters for support
  • RTAid will be able to use a Local Decision main process¬†to prioritise and select Initiatives for funding